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Renting a Dumpster? Here’s How To Protect Your Driveway

If you’ve taken on a big home renovation project, you probably have a lot of debris to remove and a rental dumpster can be the best way to remove it all. Dumpsters come in a number of different lengths, weights, and heights, and depending on the type of waste you’re removing, it can have an effect on your driveway’s surface. Chemical spills, scratches, and dents are all different damages your driveway could experience if you’re not prepared. 

With a bit of foresight and preparation, you can avoid these damages from ever happening. Here are a few ways you can protect your driveway so the rental dumpster doesn’t damage it. If you still feel unsure about your protection, contact one of our professionals so you can keep your driveway in top condition. 

Cover Driveway with Wood

Plywood is a great way to protect your driveway if you plan on renting a dumpster. Rubble Boyzz recommends plywood since it’s the most cost-effective option and it comes in large sheets that can cover a significant amount of space. When you decide on an ideal spot for your rental dumpster, set the plywood in that spot so it has a more uniform surface that can support the dumpster’s weight and protect your driveway.

In the absence of plywood, two-by-fours of other types of wood can be used for protection. If this idea is not ideal, you can place wood underneath the feet of the dumpster to level it out and prevent dents on your driveway.

Distribute Weight Evenly in the Dumpster

It’s easy for homeowners to carelessly throw the debris in a dumpster without giving much thought to weight distribution. This can make the dumpster imbalanced, exerting pressure on one side and possibly denting or scratching your driveway. Evenly distributing the weight inside the dumpster can minimize the risk of damage and protect you from extra repair costs. Rubble Boyzz can help you prepare for a rental dumpster by giving you advice on the type of dumpster you need. 

Check for Leaks

Waste can range from dry solid materials to wet substances that drip over the rental dumpster. Most of the liquids will often find their way onto your driveway, causing permanent stains and ruining the aesthetic appeal of your driveway. Make sure that the dumpster you’re using doesn’t have any rust, holes, corrosion, or damaged areas that liquids can leak through. This can be prevented by carefully placing liquid materials. 

Rent a Dumpster

Rubble Boyzz ensures you that you’ll get the perfect dumpster for your job without compromising your driveway. We have the best dumpsters at competitive market prices. Visit our contact page today if you need a rental dumpster.