Construction Waste

How to Recycle Your Construction Waste

How to Recycle Your Construction Waste

In the United States alone, construction waste alone makes up over a third of the nation’s waste. With a number this large, it’s evident that something needs to be done to bring these numbers down. Even if you’re working on a greenfield site (undeveloped areas), waste will still begin to build up. Rubble Boyzz can help make sure that your construction waste stays under control. We offer rental dumpster units for both residential and commercial construction sites. 

To help cut down on the waste that builds up at construction sites, we wanted to provide a few tips on how you can control and recycle your construction waste.

What Can Be Recycled?

There are a number of different materials that can be recycled from a construction site. Those include:

  • Masonry
  • Windows, doors, and roofing
  • Appliances and fixtures
  • Lumber and other wood products
  • Metals that can be used for smelting 
  • Vegetation and trees
  • Cardboard and paper for pulping
  • Plastic crates, bags, and sheets

Some materials that are discarded at a landfill will have a negative impact on personal health and the surrounding environment. As an example, leaving lead can result in toxic water. Leaving plasterboard in landfills can lead to hydrogen sulfide. 

Build Something New

The best way to recycle construction materials is to use them for something else. Use those materials to create something new for the project. Walls can be redecorated or moved rather than knocking them down completely.  

Build to Standard Dimensions

When starting a new project, you can use building materials in standard measurements. The less that you have to adapt or cut, the less waste that you will incur. Framing layouts ahead of time can lead to less waste and any materials left over can be reused.

Find Your Local Recycling Center

The important part is making sure it is LOCAL. If the recycling center is some ways away, then you’ll use too much effort, time, and gas. If the center is close, this can be a great way to recycle all materials that you have left over. If you need assistance moving this waste, Rubble Boyzz can help with roll-off residential dumpsters. 

Try Deconstruction Rather Than Demolition

There are services that will help you remove reusable items without damage that can be reused for community projects and social housing. You can also put these items up for sale at a yard sale or pawn shop. Such things as radiators, grates, pipes, appliances, and fittings are typically sought after by those who are about to begin their own renovation projects.

Let Rubble Boyzz Help

Recycling your construction materials is an amazing way to help the environment and cut down on waste. There are plenty of ways to reuse and remove the construction waste you have acquired. Rubble Boyzz can help you move any waste you may have, residential or commercial. Visit our contact page today if you need help moving your rubble.