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What to Throw Out When You Move

What to Throw Out When You Move

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment or your fourth house, there is a lot to plan for in order to avoid unnecessary stress and challenges. One of the key parts of moving is deciding what to pack and what you can throw out. It’s during this process that you discover the different things in your current place that you haven’t touched for years. Rather than bring that junk with you to your next home, consider donating them or throwing them out responsibly. 

Rubble Boyzz can help with your move-out process. If you’re in the process of downsizing, there are going to be some things you no longer need. Our residential dumpster rentals will make throwing things out easier than ever. Save time and have us bring you the rental dumpster you need in order to make moving easy. Before you start moving, here are some items that you can throw out so you don’t have to keep moving them. 

Old Clothes

Over the years, you have probably collected a number of shoes, shirts, and pants that you no longer wear and have been sitting in the closet collecting dust. There are also clothes that have ripped or become stained that you no longer need or want. This is the perfect time to look at the things that you have not worn in years and donate those clothes. This will make moving out much easier with less to move. 

Consider throwing out old shoes or rags that have severed their purpose long ago. We can supply you with a residential rental dumpster to help get this done. 

Loose Papers

As you begin to pack up your kitchen and office, you may begin to stumble across old documents and papers that you no longer need. After you separate and collect all of the important documents in your home, it’s time to remove all of that extra clutter. 

For old papers, start shredding them to make privacy a priority and moving them around easier. Once everything has been shredded and collected, a rental dumpster can make moving all of it much easier. Dumpster rentals are great solutions for dealing with hoarding and removing unnecessary clutter found in your home. 

Expired Items

Chances are that as you started to move things around and pack things up that you stumble across a number of items that are expired and you no longer need. This can be a number of things including food, vitamins, and medicines. Anything that also comes with a limited life span can fit into this category. Don’t trust any medications that have gone past their expiration date.

You should never keep the items that we listed above as they will only add to your pile of things to move. Rubble Boyzz can make moving that much easier with residential dumpster rentals that make getting rid of junk easier than ever. Contact us today if you have any questions about our dumpster rentals.